2020 Autumn Winter Trends

2020 Autumn Winter Trends

I work closely with Amelia from Colour Me In Styling. Amelia is a stylist for both adults & kids and her passion is fashion. Forecasting, trends, looks from Australia to overseas and colour!

You will see from Amelia’s great imagery on the Billy Lou Instagram page her eye for detail and colour & that she just gets it.

So, I thought I would ask her few questions around the 2020 Winter Season trends for kids to help you plan your kids new season wardrobe.

What are the main colours you see coming through?
Sunshine yellow, olive green and soft pink are colours I am seeing frequently. However, to be honest I don’t get caught up in colour trends as my focus is on what colours suit the individual in terms of skin tone, eye and hair colour and to a degree, their personality.

I also love to encourage self-expression and therefore finding out what colour your child naturally feels drawn to should creep into their wardrobe. For example, if they love red, get a pair of red shoes! One sure way not to have a complaining toddler when it comes to getting dressed!!

What do you think parents get wrong?
Buying a mish mash of clothing rather than having a bit of a plan to it. For example, buying a pair of forest green shoes and a forest green cardi. Then whatever is worn underneath will be brought together with a well-coordinated shoe and cardi combo.

Overalls and pinnies are underestimated! They last for years as the adjustable straps enable the garment to work with a growing child. And they look cute!!

Where’s your fave place to shop for kids’ clothes? 
Play etc, for fun tees and terry shorts, Minti, Little Horn and Munster also cool casual kids wear, Mini Rodini for great prints, Country Road as I like the quality and simple designs, Pretty Pickings for girls dresses and an example of supporting  a local creative, Goldie & Ace for overalls, DaughterCo for gorgeous dresses, Jamie Kay and Pretty Wild for knitwear and BONDS for basics.

I’m passionate about supporting local creatives like Pretty Pickings mentioned above. Going to local markets, shopping on etsy and making a day of the Finders Keepers Markets held in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane as it’s a good way to shop with this in mind.  It’s also a more ethical approach in your shopping habits.

How would you handle a tween wanting to dress too grown up?
Help them create a Pinterest mood board drawing upon images of girls around their age. This also helps them gain a sense of their personal of style, what they gravitate towards.

Also reinforcing to dress keeping in mind being strategic with showing skin. With the aim to have a cool, sophisticated sense of style that’s still relevant to their age. For example, showing off legs with a mini or denim shorts and pairing with a more flowy top OR wearing a crop top worn with a flowy knee length or long skirt.

Why did you start your business?
I worked as a commercial stylist for years however after having children and experiencing changes in my body I decided I wanted to help women individually. Sharing knowledge on how to dress for your body shape. With my passion for colour I love educating my clients on its uplifting and calming affect. Colour has the ability to enable us to feel more or less of something. It can also really help boost a woman’s confidence.  Helping mothers with their wardrobes has incidentally extended to their children. It only takes me 1-2 hours online to create a succinct children’s wardrobe and I’m in my element!!

Where do you see the future of kid’s fashion?
The relevance of sustainability will extend from adults to children’s clothing. For example, garments made from recycled materials. Plae shoes have been on the front foot (pardon the pun) as their shoes are made with sustainability being a primary focus. 

Buying less and buying better.  Buying decent shoes will become more relevant.

Can you see any trends on the horizon for 2020?
Puffy sleeves, block colour, print clashing, knee high socks, denim jackets, layering with hoodies (winter), vintage charm, checks, florals, boho vibe.

Where do you see the importance of shoes in an outfit?
Shoes are key. Cheap shoes generally don’t last. They are potentially not supportive to a growing foot that benefits from well considered materials and design elements. Shoes are an investment. Along with a good knit, a pair of overalls or a pinnie. It’s ideal to aim to buy a good shoe. And it can set off an outfit, there is no doubt about it!

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