Interview with Vicki - Owner & Designer of Old Soles

Interview with Vicki - Owner & Designer of Old Soles

When & Why did you start the business?
I’ve always been obsessed with fashion—what’s in, what’s hot, what people are wearing and what they’ve left behind. Studying the catwalks, celeb style and collabs of late, it’s obvious that kids (and their parents) don’t just want cute anymore—they want couture. That’s what inspired the launch of Old Soles—an elevated brand that is first to market with the coolest styles in children’s footwear. The details, colours, materials and textures used in each collection are always in line with trends happening in adult fashion—all without ever sacrificing the high standards of quality needed for developing feet.      

Where do you get the inspiration of your designs from?
The style of our range changes seasonally—but the designs are always centred on high fashion. Whether it’s first-walkers, cool kicks for school or striking special occasion designs, Old Soles delivers style and comfort. Because let’s be honest—when you’re five years old, you don’t care what shoes you’re wearing as long as they allow you to play, climb, jump and pretend to be a unicorn or a dinosaur. However, each season Old Soles gives mums and dads the opportunity to put their little ones in fashionable designs they’re personally excited about. That means chic styles for every occasion, which often can be dressed up or down.  

What do you think is important from a design perspective when you are making shoes for kid’s feet?
We hone in on the specific features needed for each age sector to promote the healthy development of growing feet. For instance, baby and toddler shoes are styled around the “barefoot concept.” This means lots of wiggle room and super soft soles to avoid damaging babies’ delicate cartilage. Not to mention, our signature leather not only keeps our shoes fashionable but it’s butter-soft and safety-tested for infants through kids. Old Soles also designs with lots of easy-to-wear “do-it-yourself” elements like elastic laces, zippers and Velcro to make fashion fun and user-friendly for all ages.

What can we expect from the Winter 2020 collection?
Sneakers, sneakers, sneakers! The fashion industry is infatuated with sneakers—the essential catwalk item of late. As a result, we’ve capitalised on the craze by throwing neon and sporty leathers in the mix to give our sneakers a real urban slant.  Of course our best selling boots will feature heavily including the Starter Boot and Local Wings – always popular.

You are big over in the US, what are the other countries love your brand?
Over the past 11 years, Old Soles has seen incredible global growth. As just a few examples, the brand sells to the U.S., South Korea, Japan, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, China, Indonesia, Poland, and of course, Australia.

We love Old Soles and have worked with you for almost 9 years now, what do you see the future of your business is?
We see a lot of potential to continue to grow our business overseas. Beyond that, Old Soles will continue to stay ahead of the game in fashion—always keeping inspired and anticipating what’s next.

  • Jun 01, 2022
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