Follow the steps below.

  1. Get your child to stand on a piece of paper and draw around their feet.
  2. Measure the length of each foot from their longest toe to heel. You can now check on the page to get your size. Make sure to take note of their UK/US & Euro size.
  3. Once you have their size (UK, US & Euro) check the shoes you like to see if it's in your size. Please note we have icons on every product to let you know if they are UK, US or Euro. 
  4. Important : Check within the written description of the shoes too as we will have a size chart for that style and/or fitting tips. For example Bobux IWalk & Kid+ are a longer make so you go down a size.
  5. If you are still not sure then email with your measurements and the exact styles you are interested in. For example 20cm long, 6cm wide and I like the look of the Asics GT 1000. 
    Also, measure the width from the widest part if you need help here too.
  6. If you have bought shoes with us before then let us know your name (not the child's name) in the Customer Club so we can look at previous purchases to help with sizing.
  7. Tell us any other information that is important eg. Wide or narrow feet. What type of shoes you are looking for eg. Sneakers, boots, sandals etc
  8. We will then be in contact with you. Please include your phone number too in case we need to ask any questions.

You can check brand size charts here. OR check within the description of the shoe, there maybe specific sizes by size. There is also a Size Guide you can refer to help with converting sizing - we recommend you look at this after you have done the above

However, we highly recommend you email us ( if you are unsure of your child’s size. This allows us to talk through the product and any concerns you may have about your child’s feet. All shoes are designed differently and no one shoe is a standard size. Within the description of the shoe we will let you know any fitting tips for example to go up or down a or if the shoe is better for a narrow or wide foot.

There is no rule on age = size. All kids are different and grow at different rates but as a guide we categories our sizing as follows:

Babies will be either Infant by age or by size e.g. Infant size 2. Babies also come under European sizes and most of our pre-walkers are in European sizes (usually between a Euro sizes 17 to 23).

Younger kids or toddlers will be under Kids sizing and usually runs from a Kids size 5 to Kids size 10.

Youth relates to kids from a Youth size 11 to a Youth size 6.

There are also some products that come under Adult Sizing and will be clearly categorised as either Women's sizes or Men’s sizes.

A lot of shoes come in European sizes so check out the fitting chart to convert here.

We are always happy to talk through the sizes so just buzz us in-store on 02 9564 2212 if you are unsure.

You can download our sizing chart here. Please note this is only a guide.

You can download our European Size Conversion Chart here.

For assistance please email:


Babies feet are precious and are made up of soft cartilage so it's important to protect and care for them. Their feet can grow 3 foot sizes in their first year.

From their first steps to the age of two their feet will continue to grow 2 to 3 sizes. Their bones will start to form and the puppy fat disappears.

From the age of around 8 they will slow down to 1 size per year.

So with all that growth you can see that getting correctly fitted shoes is really important and at Billy Lou Kids Shoes we will ensure that your child is fitted correctly.

Billy Lou Kids Shoe carries a big range of brands from Australia and Overseas from babies to teens to cater for all those feet.


At Billy Lou all our staff are professionally trained fitters. Getting the right fit isn’t just about the length, it is also about the depth, width, heel and how they walk in their shoes. Fitting shoes is not like buying your kids a new top - you can see if the top fits but you can't see if the shoe fits so it is extremely important to get it done by someone who is trained.

Their feet will also change so continued fitting checks is important. A shoe that might have fitted well last time may not fit well next time.

We recommend to always wear socks for the first 2 weeks with new shoes to help wear them in.

If you are unsure of a fit, please pop in and we will check it for you.

Billy Lou staff have ongoing and regular training to ensure that we are looking after your kids feet.


Their feet will continue to grow until the age of 18 for boys and 16 for girls. They will also change over time and what may have worked last time may not work in the next size up.

We recommend you get your child’s shoes checked every 2 to 3 months to ensure they still fit.


Billy Lou care about kids' feet.

We can't stress enough how important it is to get your kids shoes fitted correctly. We have seen time and time again problems with kid’s feet due to incorrectly fitted shoes and we are on a mission to make sure that everyone is educated about this and what the long term effects are. So we have joined forces with Dr Neil Smith from the Foot Alignment Clinic to talk about this. Watch the videos below to find out more.