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Why the Right School Shoes are soooo Important

Why the Right School Shoes are soooo Important

Kids can walk up to 2,500km a year in their school shoes so it is really important to ensure they fit right and are comfortable.

Incorrectly fitted shoes can make it difficult to walk or run comfortably and can lead to aches and pains.  It can also cause serious back, leg and foot problems for your children later in life.

When fitting school shoes we need to look at length, depth, width, heel grip, arch, back and walking and overall fit of the shoe to ensure your children have the best support they need. 

A common mistake parents can make is to over compensate for growing room in a school shoe in the hope that the shoes will get them through the year. It really depends on the age of your child and how hard they are on their shoes.

You may be tempted to buy a cheaper school shoe from a chain store but beware that you may have to buy a few of these over the year. It’s best to get a good one that fits right.  Due to self fitting and non-supportive shoes there has been a big increase in children needing podiatry help.



  • Jan 18, 2021
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