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2nd hand shoes & why we don't recommend them

2nd hand shoes & why we don't recommend them

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying all 2nd hand shoes are bad BUT there’s a few things to consider before putting your child into preloved shoes. Especially when thinking about how they fit!

  • If the shoes are really worn, then the previous wearer would have put their foot imprint into that shoe. This is not going to match any other foot therefore it more than likely won’t be the right fit for that child.
  • The structure of the shoe including the heel counter, arch, soles would have changed therefore the support may no longer be there.
  • SWEAT – yep those gross sweaty smelly little feet.
  • Did you know that kids’ feet sweat more than ours? Up to an egg cup a day. Their sweat glands are still developing therefore they are not regulating the sweat. So, imagine all those germs in that shoe – pretty yuck yeah?
  • I always think to myself ‘would I wear 2nd hand shoes’ and the answer is pretty much always no. If you wouldn’t do it why would you put it on your kids.
  • And the MOST important thing is the fit! As you know we care about the fit, if its not right it is going to affect so much more than just their feet. Wrongly fitted shoes can affect everything from knees, hips, walk

So, I’d say think twice about those 2nd hand shoes – especially the ones that are really worn. We are happy to check a fit at any time too, so if you want to pop in-store we will give you honest feedback as to whether we think the fit and structure of the shoe is ok.

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  • Feb 10, 2020
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